Asbestos removal costs

Every asbestos removal job is different, of course, but that’s why we visit to discuss the project before providing a fixed price quotation.

It’s the only fair way to do it. Without visiting you to discuss the project, we would be forced to price high to cover all eventualities. Instead, we prefer to talk to you, see the project, agree everything, and come up with a fair price for the work involved.

Clearing the room

One of the major factors for us in domestic asbestos removal is whether the room is empty or not. To remove an asbestos ceiling in a living room, for instance, isn’t too big a job with the right safety equipment, but it’s a lot more work if we have to start by securely removing and storing all the furniture and finish by putting it all back again. It’s all part of the service if you need it, but you may prefer to save money by doing that part yourself.

Previously we have even organised a removal company to completely empty a house so that we can do the asbestos removal and cleanup, then they put everything back. If you prefer we can handle everything, you could go on holiday and have all your asbestos removed and your house made safe without you lifting a finger.

Asbestos removal grants

Sometimes we are asked about government grant help. We are not aware of anything at the moment, but it might be worth a call to your local authority. Typically an authority might get a pot of money for a particular task and when it’s gone, it’s gone. It might be worth a call, but we don’t know of anything at the moment.

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