Our asbestos removal process

Nothing in law stops you from removing asbestos yourself. The hazard is real, though, and stops most.

We see open carrier bags of asbestos at the tip where people have known they are dealing with asbestos but they drove around with open bags, perhaps using the same car they use for the school run.

We use white suits, boots without laces or dust traps .. we pay £380 a year for someone to check that our face masks still fit (there are four of us). Regular white masks are not enough .. for someone with a beard, a safe face mask costs nearly £4,000 (we choose to shave 🙂 ).

All our team has to keep up with their asbestos training every year.

Here’s our process:

  1. An asbestos test: What you are looking at may not even contain asbestos. Phew! If it does, we have to know what it is before we can handle it. Plus, you can’t tell just by looking (asbestos was banned from 2000 so that’s the only certainty .. if it was built after then, it’s not asbestos). So a test is always the first step .. complete the form below to request one and Ian, our testing partner, will get in touch, come and take a sample, send it off to the lab, get the results and send you a report.
  2. Site visit: if the asbestos test says yes, we will book a visit to come and see the job for ourselves and discuss your needs. We think this is only fair so that we can quote properly for the work that needs doing. Sometimes our advice is to leave well alone.
  3. Fixed price quote: we will send you a fixed price quote for asbestos removal so you can see what’s involved. We will never pressure sell. We work with you to agree the work, quote, and leave it up to you how you want to proceed.
  4. We do the work: we turn up when we say and we are really easy to work with. For asbestos removal, expect the white suits, breathing apparatus and full equipment. We are meticulous, for instance we have sash window sealing systems so you are not left with any dust on your windowsills.
  5. Everything’s clean & ready for living: of course we thoroughly clean up afterwards ready for your family to live safely, free of asbestos fibres.
  6. You get the paperwork you need: When the job is done we give you all the documentation so you know exactly what we’ve done. You’ll need this if you sell your house.

As well as being asbestos removal experts, we are general builders. So once we’ve removed your asbestos you may want us to plaster a new ceiling, install a new floor, build a new garage roof or whatever to make good, we can do that for you.

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